Our goal is to be the premier water and wastewater provider in Northwestern Ohio. We are committed to sound financial management, responsible environmental stewardship, responsive public service, superior customer service, and responsible economic growth.  We strive to field a skilled, respectful, and cooperative workforce dedicated to the highest professional and ethical standards; we support them with appropriate training and technology.


The Northwestern Water & Sewer District (NWWSD, also referred to as "the District") is a regional water and sewer district chartered under section 6119 of the Ohio Revised Code. Organized in 1994 to take over the water and sewer operations of the Wood County Sanitary Engineer, the District is specifically intended to meet the following goals within our service area:

  • To establish a uniform water distribution and wastewater collection system
  • To create uniform and equitable rates
  • To provide uniform services
  • To institute consistent regulatory authority for water and wastewater services

By combining systems to share operation and maintenance costs, the District is able to provide professional management and experienced service personnel throughout our service area.  

Our membership currently includes 19 townships in Wood County, part of Scott Township in Sandusky County, and 12 municipalities. We also operate water or sewer systems in several additional non-member municipalities on a contract basis.  Click here for a map showing our service area and membership.

Quick Facts

  • 65 employees
  • Over 100 EPA licenses
  • 6 wastewater lab certificates
  • 15 backflow certificates
  • 439 miles of water main
  • 349 miles of sanitary sewer main
  • 3 water treatment plants
  • 17,000+ accounts
  • 10 Public Water System IDs
  • 15 NPDES Permits
  • 54 vehicles
  • 75 sanitary pump stations
  • 7 elevated tanks


NWWSD was formed in 1994, and was initiated by multiple townships and county entities. Please read our news article, A Brief History of the District, to learn more about the development of water and sewer services throughout Wood County and how the District came to be.

We also have a brief YouTube video from one of our long-time trustees talking about the economic development concerns that helped to spur the creation of the District.