Board of Trustees

About the Board of Trustees

  • A 10-member Board of Trustees oversees The District
  • Each trustee serves a 3-year term
  • Three of the trustees are appointed by the Wood County Commissioners
  • One trustee is appointed by the Henry County Commissioners
  • Three are selected by the township members of The District
  • Three are chosen by the municipal members of The District
  • Township and municipal membership in The District is shown on our membership map

Board Responsibilities


  • Review, provide direction and approve the annual strategic plan
  • Review, provide direction and approve the annual financial plan
  • Determine the annual compensation of the President
  • Approve annual compensation of senior management
  • Determine compensation of board members

Operational Assessment

  • Review operational status versus the financial plans
  • Review and approve major capital projects
  • Assess the performance of the President
  • Assess the performance of the board


  • Recruit and hire The District President
  • Recruit board members jointly with The District President


  • Maintain relationships with customers and governmental bodies
  • Offer insight to management on community issues and opportunities
  • Create channels and forums for communication with management


  • Ensure that the board structure represents the makeup of member communities
  • Create and staff appropriate board subcommittees

Board Meetings

  • Regularly scheduled Board meetings are open to the public on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month beginning at 7:30 a.m.
  • Please check news releases for updates to this schedule
  • Board meetings are held at our main office at 12560 Middleton Pike, Bowling Green, OH 43402

The agendas and minutes for each meeting are posted on our Board Agendas and Minutes page.

Current Members of the Board of Trustees

Board Membership

The District’s ten-member Board of Trustees provides ongoing financial and strategic oversight and direction to advance the mission of Northwestern Water and Sewer District (The District).

In support of their responsibilities, the Board will ensure that personnel, processes, and an organizational structure are in place within both the Board and senior management to carry out the goals of the organization.

The Board will foster appropriate communication and interaction with management, the community, and various governmental entities to ensure that the mission of The District is successful.

It is desirable for members of the Board of Trustees to:

  • Have a working knowledge of the industry
  • Offer appropriate government or business experience
  • Have a demonstrated level of business financial acumen
  • Be a resident of the district
  • Not be an elected official
  • Be available for routine board meetings (2 per month) during the workday
  • Serve on committees and be available to attend committee meetings (2 to 3 per month) during the workday
  • Be available during the daytime for occasional tours, projects, etc.
  • Be willing to participate in Board of Trustees education programs
  • Exhibit strong communication skills, be a proactive contributor of ideas, and be a critical thinker
  • Be able to provide leadership and direction for the District
  • Actively promote the activities of the District in the community
  • Be capable of working as a member of the Board of Trustees team
  • Be conversant with technology & modern communication devices

Board Bylaws

Draft bylaws (February 2023)

Current bylaws (October 2020)