Board of Trustees Vacancy


Board of Trustees Vacancy

One of the three township-appointed district board members has resigned, opening a seat for your township’s input on selecting a replacement. The term for this seat runs through December 31, 2018.

The process for naming a replacement is as follows:

1. Nominations are open for a slate of candidates. An application must be submitted to the District to ensure they are qualified and understand the commitment.

2. Once a slate of candidates is complete, the member townships will be provided with a list of candidates and will have 60 days to rank order their selections and return the ranked list with a resolution to the district.

A nomination packet is available for prospective candidates to complete by contacting our Board Clerk, Leanne O’Brien. Completed packets must be returned to the district by April 21, 2014.

  • The nominee must live in a member-unincorporated township area.
  • The nominee cannot be an elected official.
  • The nominee cannot do business directly with the district.

Please contact Melinda Kale, Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Lyle Schulte, another township-appointed board member; our President, Jerry Greiner; or Leanne O’Brien, Board Clerk; if you have any questions.