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You may have noticed already this spring that most water providers have already prepared and released an annual “Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)” on water quality.

consumer-confidence-report1111This information is available to the public by July 1st of each year by their water supplier. Since we purchase water from others, such as the cities of Oregon, Toledo, Bowling Green, Perrysburg and Fostoria we provide the users of that water here in Wood County with the details of their treatment process.

For example, federal EPA requires water plants to report on various compounds common to drinking water. The types of these will vary as the “raw water” source may vary from ground wells, lake, rivers, etc.

oepaOhio EPA sets the standards or “limits” range under which water providers must meet for their final product that leaves the water plant. They call this “finished water” as compared to “raw water.”

We have 9 contracts to buy and resell others’ water, and produce or treat water in Bloomdale for the village and the community of Bairdstown. Thus, we do 9 CCR reports for the public.

As a District we have 17 licensed water treatment operators who are familiar with these requirements.

How Do You Read These?

These are complex to read, we will be the first to agree! But a good water treatment operator or quality water manager can explain and relate this information to most consumers in a common-sense everyday language. That’s why we call them professionals!

Where Do You See Them?

Water providers have the responsibility to provide their report in paper or electronic format.

So, check out our website and read more about CCR’s!  Click Here to view CCR’s!bottled

Let’s see bottled water manufacturers do this! (They have little oversight in their industry on manufacturing water quality)!