Monitor Your Usage

AquaHawk Alerts

AquaHawk is a free service that Northwestern Water & Sewer District offers its customers to help manage their water usage and lower their utility bills. Customers who sign up for AquaHawk will get notifications if their water consumption indicates that there might be a leak or other critical issue.

  • View your water consumption
  • Receive timely water usage alerts
  • Control your water expenses
  • Monitor your monthly bills
  • Easy-to-use alerting system
  • Know about leaks before they cause costly damage
  • See exactly how much water your family is using each hour, day, and month
  • Set billing and usage thresholds and never be surprised by a high bill again
  • Access your account from any internet-connected device, such as your smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer
  • Opt-in services let you choose how you will be contacted, by email, text, or phone

**If you live in Perrysburg or Perrysburg Township, your meter may not be compatible with the AquaHawk system. To find out if your account is eligible or if you need help with registration, please contact a customer service representative.