What is CodeRED?

Northwestern Water & Sewer District employs the CodeRED notification system to alert customers to water boil notices and other emergencies related to our water and sewer services.  The CodeRED system uses phone calls, text messages, and email to deliver important information. Customers are encouraged to check the contact information on file with CodeRED to ensure timely delivery of emergency notifications.  The contact information is also shared with the Wood County Emergency Management Agency and other county jurisdictions to make sure you receive important updates from them as well.  You can even register to receive severe weather alerts.  Use the link below to check and update your contact information, including specifying additional phone numbers or email addresses.

Image of man holding cell phone.

Image of the AquaHawk logo.

What is AquaHawk?

AquaHawk is a free service that Northwestern Water & Sewer District offers its customers to help manage their water usage and lower their utility bills. Customers who sign up for AquaHawk will get get notifications if their water consumption indicates that there might be a leak or other critical issue.

  • View your water consumption
  • Receive timely water usage alerts
  • Control your water expenses
  • Monitor your monthly bills
  • Easy-to-use alerting system
  • Know about leaks before they cause costly damage
  • See exactly how much water your family is using each hour, day, and month
  • Set billing and usage thresholds and never be surprised by a high bill again
  • Access your account from any internet connected device, such as your smart phone, laptop, or desktop computer
  • Opt-in services let you choose how you will be contacted, by email, text, or phone