Payment Info

Pay for your water and sewer services your way. If you prefer to pay your water bill online, with an automatic payment schedule, by mail, or in person, we can accommodate your needs.

District customers are billed monthly. Utility bills for water and wastewater services are collected by the District and/or one of the following agents: Perrysburg, Tontogany or Grand Rapids.


Water and Sewer Rates
Our services, as well as District operations, are supported by the rates that users pay. The District has one uniform rate for operation and maintenance of water and wastewater systems throughout the District. However, the water/sewer treatment rate may vary depending on which municipality provides the treatment services.

Some areas of the District are provided only with sewer services. These are billed as a flat rate on a monthly basis from the District office.

New extensions of water and sewer lines are financed primarily through special assessments to benefiting property owners. Oversizing of water/wastewater lines and common facility improvements such as pump stations and water towers are generally financed through revenue bonds (debt payments) supported by user rates.

Image of Northwestern Water & Sewer District sign.