Fees and Charges

Please use the table below to find a detailed listing of our special rates and fees. Please note that tap fees are shown without system development fees. For information about water and sewer rates, please see our Rate Schedule page.

System development fee information can be accessed here.

All Metered Areas

Set up fee for all new or transferred accounts $25.00
Water application fee for all permits issued in a non-master metered area. $15.00
Outside reader installed by the District. Cost + 20%
Bad Check charge for any check or electronic payment returned by the bank $30.00
Administrative Service Charge-charged when service is scheduled for disconnection due to nonpayment on account or disconnection due to failure of the customer to comply with the rules and regulations of the District. $56.00
Field Service Charge-charged for additional trips to a service address due to inaccessibility of District facilities/equipment or unauthorized reconnection of service. $56.00
Repairs to DistrictProperty/Equipment-billed according to the equipment and materials schedule. Time & Materials
Residential\\Commercial sewer permit fee for a new tap inspection charge based on 4 hours of inspection required for the sewer tap. $275.00
Per hour charge above 4 hours (includes testing). $65.00
Overtime inspections charged at one and one-half (1 1/2) times the hourly rate. $97.50
Sanitary sewer abandonment charge for inspection of sewer connection when abandoned $100.00
Water tap abandonment fee-disconnect at curb stop or meter pit. $100.00 is inspection fee. If District performs disconnection time and material rates will be charged. $100.00
Prepaid plan review, inspection, and project administration for commercial/industrial/subdivision construction for engineering review of each set of plans for water and sewer construction inspection services upon plan approval. Subsequent plan reviews will be charged on an hourly basis. $200.00/each
Water and sanitary permit and inspection fees to recover the full cost of the District’s inspection (including firelines). Projects ≤$50,000 will be 5% of Project cost; >$50,000 will be  $2,500 plus 2.5%
Overtime inspections charged at one and one-half (1 1/2) times the hourly rate. $97.50
Collection fee for every collection made on behalf of a private developer based on the Private Developer Agreement with the District. $50.00
Late payment charge – monthly billing. $5.00 or 10% whichever is greater
After hours re-connection fee (turn-on) 3 hours @ Current Fee Schedule
Plan sheet copy fee– 24″ X 36″ sheet, black & white. $3.00 per sheet
24″ X 36″ sheet, color. $6.00 per sheet
Water charge for the bulk water stations. $10.00 per 1000 gallons
$12.00 per 1000 gallons in Henry County
Water charge for the WaterShed water dispensing units. $0.25 per gallon
Copy charge for public records requests. $0.05 per B&W copy/any size
Per the ORC, the District can only charge for the cost of reproduction of documents which does not include employee time. $0.07 per color copy/any size
$1.00 per electronic copy
Notice to individuals of specific public business by special request in self-addressed stamped envelope. $0.05 per notice
Sanitary sewer cross-connection fee, implemented in situations where known storm and sanitary sewer connections exist. A thirty (30) day notice will be granted first in most situations. $100.00/day
Map design fee to generate maps for other entities. $50.00 per hour
Plan deposit fee-non-refundable fee paid by contractors for plan sets for projects being publicly bid. $100.00 per set
Monthly fire protection charge for un-metered fire lines to pay for the availability of water service upon demand in the event of a fire. $2.00 per hydrant
     Charges based on line size:
          4” – $35.00; 6” – $70.00; 8” – $112.00; 10” – $161.00; 12” – $217.00
Unauthorized use of sanitary sewer and/or water lines, for any property owner making a connection without proper inspection or proper authorization, including reconnection. $100.00 per day + usage/discharge
Special Wastewater Discharges, this shall include any off-site generated waste stream requiring sanitary treatment. The characteristic of the wastewater shall conform to the District Extension Policy Section V-Protection of sewer system. $500.00 min. + $8.00 per 1000 gallons
Stormwater billing fee, per-bill charge to include stormwater fees for another entity on The District’s customer bill. $0.50 per bill
Anti-degradation fee for up to 10,000 gallons per day.
Minimum charge is $360 = 1 EDU, where 1 EDU = 360 gallons, or 1 “Equivalent Dwelling Unit”, Ohio EPA’s standard flow estimate for an average 3-bedroom home
$1.00 per gallon
Anti-degradation fee for over 10,000 gallons per day. $10,000 plus $.10 per gallon

Master Metered Areas

Sanitary sewer tappers license-a sanitary sewer tappers test is required for all first-time tappers and renewed on a yearly basis (calendar year). Initial-$100.00 Renewal-$25.00
Freezing charge for a residential or commerical/industrial user for a meter not housed in a meter pit.
5/8″ & 3/4″ Current cost +20%
1″ & 1 1/2″ Current cost +20%
2″ or greater and hydrant meters Time and Materials
Fire sprinkler detector meter $10.00 minimum
Deposit, temporary hydrant (refunded if meter is not damaged. If damaged, full cost + 20% will be charged). $1,000.00
Hydrant setup or removal fee permit, includes accessories (adapter, 50′ of hose, and meter). $100.00
Water Charge (regardless of provider area) $8/1000 gallons
Short-term rental charge (up to one week of use) $100.00 setup fee plus water charge
Long-term rental charge (use for summer period for hydroseeding, landscaping, pond filling, etc), billed monthly $100.00 setup fee plus water charge plus $50.00/month
Unauthorized hydrant use, for any person using a hydrant without authorization $100.00/day plus consumption
Testing and replacement of meter. Fee charged if meter is determined to be reading accurately after testing. No charge is meter is reading inaccurately. $100.00
Hydrant Flow Test. $150.00
Pool Filling. Case-by-case quote
Water meter schedule – includes meter pit, meter, radio read unit, excavation, and 1″ connection to water main.
5/8″ or 3/4″ residential meter $2,600.00
Tandem meter (2 meters, either 5/8″ or 3/4″) $3,200.00
1″ residential or light commercial meter $2,800.00
1″ tandem meter (includes two (2) 1″ meters) $3,400.00
1 1/2″ meter $5,600.00
2″ meter (2 inch tap on main) $7,000.00
Outside reader, installed by District. Current cost + 20%
Large tap schedule, for a 2″ tap with a 1″ meter, for commercial/industrial installation inside a buliding (includes meter, radio reader unit, excavation, and connection to the water main). $3,000.00
For a tap exceeding 2″ on any size line, District will only perform the tap. No excavation, service line, or restoration. Time and material costs are based on labor of two employees for four hours minimum each at the current rate schedule. Customer is responsible for installing meter, service line, and tapping saddle for the building plus tap costs: Tap costs
4″ $250.00
6″ $300.00
8″ $350.00
10″ $400.00
12″ $450.00
Water taps, all road bores less than 60′ are included in tap fee. Any service line requiring a longer length will be charged at the completion of installation. Current cost + 20%
Meter cost and AMR cost for lost, damaged, well meters.
2″ or greater water meter Time + materials
5/8″ Current cost + 20%
3/4″ Current cost + 20%
1″ Current cost + 20%
Sewer grinder pump assembly, purchase of residential single phase unit Current cost + 20%
Grinder Pump Electric Service Credit, applies to residence with electric service only. $1.00 per month/per home
Sewer pressure system tap fee, cost for District to perform a tap on sewer force main (1 1/2″ only) $1,400.00
Any service line requiring a longer length than 60′ will be charged at the completion of installation. Current cost + 20%
Special wastewater discharges, shall include any offsite generated waste stream requiring treatment, and must conform to the District Extension Policy Section V – Protection of Sewer System. $500.00 minimum + $8/1000 gallons
Front Footage Charge for Extension of Projects:Waterline and sanitary sewer connections to existing facilities that have not been assessed to benefitting properties. See extension policy for further explanation.

Waterlines with fire protection

$30 per benefitting front footage
Gravity sanitary sewer line $65 per benefitting front footage
Low pressure sanitary force main $15 per benefitting front footage
Rural waterline without fire protection $15 per benefitting front footage

Additional requirements are outlined in our Water Service Rules.

Equipment Fees

Equipment Fee Schedule (without operator) Rate per Hour
Sewer jet truck $105.00
Vacuum truck (2500 gallons) $55.00
Crane Truck $65.00
Dump truck (8 cubic yards) $40.00
Dump truck (4 cubic yards) $35.00
Tandem dump truck $100.00
Bucket truck $75.00
Skid steer loader and trailer $40.00
Waterline leak detection equipment $135.00
Crew cab service truck $40.00
Trailer mounted vac $55.00
Excavator $50.00
John Deere loader $60.00
Trailer jet $55.00
Lateral push camera $80.00
Sewer camera truck — main line camera $175.00
Sewer camera truck — lateral launch camera $250.00
Rate per day
Pipe expander, 2″ – 8″ pipe (materials not included) $55.00
Pick up truck $60.00
Automobile $40.00
Tandem Axle trailer $40.00
Dual-wheeled trailer $50.00
Jack hammer $40.00
Generator – trailer mounted | <100 KWH $240.00
Generator – trailer mounted |  100 KWH to 199 KWH $310.00
Generator – trailer mounted |  200 KWH $460.00
Light tower/generator (whisper whatt) $85.00
Compactor $60.00
Rototiller $50.00
Power sewer snake $50.00
Cut off saw $35.00
Chain saw $40.00
Acetylene torch set $35.00
14′ John Boat $60.00
Trash pump – 1 1/2″ electric $40.00
Trash pump – 2″ gas/diesel $45.00
Trash pump – 3″ gas/diesel $50.00
Trash pump – 4″ diesel Baker or GR $70.00
Trash pump – 4″ diesel submersible $70.00
Trash pump – 6″ diesel submersible $90.00
Trash pump – 6″ diesel silent pump GR or Godwin $90.00
Suction hoses
20′ x 1 1/2″; 20′ x 2″ $10.00
20′ x 3″; 20′ x 4″ $15.00
20′ x 6″ $20.00
Discharge hoses
50′ x 1 1/2″; 50′ x 2″ $10.00
50′ x 3″; 50′ x 4″ $15.00
50′ x 6″ $20.00
Gas detector $70.00
Manlift tri-pod $50.00
Barricades and/or safety cones $20.00
Air compressor $70.00
Blowers (ventilation) $30.00
Blowers (smoke) $70.00
Electronic line locator $60.00
Trench shoring $115.00
Boring tool Current cost + 20%
Portable wastewater flow meter, with installation and weekly monitoring Time + materials
Portable wastewater flow meter, without installation and monitoring $250/week
Odor loggers $150/week

Equipment having a daily rate that is used for less than four hours per day will be billed at half the daily rate; equipment used between four and eight hours per day will be billed at the full daily rate. The daily rate covers eight hours of use. Portal To Portal: Hourly rates and mileage rates will be charged as portal to portal.

Subcontractors: When subcontracting becomes necessary, a management fee of 20% will be added to that subcontractor’s billed amount.

Equipment andMaterials:

1. Any non-District equipment will be subject to a 20% handling charge plus the usage fee.

2. All materials expended on the job will be subject to a 20% handling charge. The use of such equipment may be arranged for by and between the Northwestern Water & Sewer District and the subdivision desiring the use of such equipment, and will be properly billed to the credit of the sewer and water funds by the Northwestern Water & Sewer District. Said equipment will not be loaned when required for use by District personnel. The use of such equipment may be arranged for by and between the Northwestern Water & Sewer District and the subdivision desiring the use of such equipment, and will be properly billed to the credit of the sewer and water funds by the Northwestern Water & Sewer District. Said equipment will not be loaned when required for use by District personnel.  All equipment shall be rented under District supervision.

Employee Hourly Rates:

Field Employees (including vehicles):

Straight Time: $56.00

Overtime: $84.00

D.T.: $112.00

Contract rate to non-District customers:  $106.00

Field Employees (without vehicles):

Straight Time: $50.00

Overtime: $75.00

D.T.: $100.00

Contract rate to non-district customers: $100.00


Straight Time: $80.00

Overtime: $120.00

D.T.: $160.00

Adjusted to reflect actual average employee earnings plus benefits. Rates are to be adjusted annually based on any increase in wage and the cost of benefits. These rates are fully burdened to include overhead.

Labor Rates:

Straight Time: Straight time refers to normal working hours from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday, except when Holidays are observed during the Monday through Friday work week.

Overtime: Overtime hours are those hours before 7:30 a.m. and/or after 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. All Saturday and Sunday hours will be billed at the overtime rate.

D.T.: Double time hours are those hours that are worked on an observed Holiday.

System Development Fee


The System Development Fee (SDF) structure is designed to prevent the inequity to existing customers that would result if user rates were increased to pay for added costs for new construction to serve future customers (line over-sizing for example).  With SDFs, new customers connecting to the system pay an amount approximating the amount that has already been paid by existing customers towards general investments in The District’s capital infrastructure.

SDFs have been developed from the “system buy-in” methodology developed by the American Water Works Association.  It’s based on the premise that while new customers are entitled to water and wastewater service at the same price charged to existing customers, existing customers have already paid a portion of the cost of general improvements to support the entire water distribution system. The “growth pays for growth” policy is consistent with the extension policies approved by the Board of Trustees.

Revenue derived from SDFs is restricted to use for the development of facilities to expand water and wastewater services. This includes the development of water sources and wastewater treatment, construction of buildings, tanks, mains, and pumps needed to provide adequate public water and wastewater treatment within The District’s service areas.


In 1986, the Board of County Commissioners implemented a program (“cost-of-service methodology”) using pricing structures and financing methods intended to be fair and equitable to all users. The program is periodically reviewed to ensure that customers pay their fair share of the cost of service. The District’s Board of Trustees endorsed this concept on February 9, 1993, and adopted the System Development Fee (“SDF”) on December 14, 1993.

The SDF was one of many alternatives reviewed in eight public meetings leading up to the fee’s original approval. The District periodically updates this policy,  most recently in 2020, with changes effective January 1, 2021.   Prior to this study, the last update went into effect on January 1, 2014.