Service Issues

The District knows how important it is to have reliable utility services. If you are experiencing service issues, such as low water pressure, frozen meters, or suspect that you are experiencing a service issue, please call our customer service representatives at 419.354.9090, option 2.

If you have a water or sewer problem and require emergency water service after hours, please call your county Sheriff’s office:

Wood County 419.354.9001, 
and choose option 9

Hancock County 419.422.2424 (McComb)
Henry County 419.592.8010

Boil Advisory
A boil advisory may be issued for several reasons, like loss of water pressure, water line break or construction work.  While not common, it can happen.  If an advisory is issued, The District will post a notice on the homeowner’s door, or contact through our calling system, CodeRed.  We urge you to keep your information updated by clicking here.  


Frozen Meters

Meters are located either outside in a pit or inside a customer’s home.

If the customer’s meter is located in a pit, it’s the responsibility of The District to make sure that the meter is properly sealed so it doesn’t freeze.

If the meter is located inside of your home or garage, etc., its your responsibility to make sure it doesn’t freeze.  If a meter located inside of a home or building does freeze or break and needs replaced, the customer would be responsible for the cost of a new meter. This cost varies depending on the size of the meter.

NWWSD employees working out in the field.

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