District Board Update February 9, 2017


District Board Update February 9, 2017

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Friday, February 10, 2017


Northwestern Water and Sewer District Board Update

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio, – The Northwestern Water and Sewer District (the District) is moving forward on several projects passed by the Board of Trustees.  On Thursday, February 9, the board passed a resolution to apply for a low interest Ohio EPA loan to fund several water line projects in Perrysburg Township, Northwood and Weston, Ohio.  These six projects, with a combined estimated cost of over $4 million, will improve the waterlines of close to 1,000 District customers.

With the Board of Trustees approval, the District can now execute a Water Supply Revolving Loan Account (WSRLA) agreement for the following areas:

Perrysburg Township
1. Ampoint- White Road and Vineyard Street (Rossford) Waterline Replacement – $650,000
2. Starbright Subdivision, Oregon and Ayers Road Waterline Replacement – $950,000
3. Hamlet Subdivision Waterline Replacement – $460,000
4. Oregon Road and Bays Road Elevated Tanks Rehabilitation – $570,000

5. Curtice Road Waterline Replacement and Loop – $800,000

6. Weston – Taylor Street, Main Street and Oak Street Waterline Improvements – $400,000

The District will use the WSRLA loans for funding design and construction of these projects.

The WSRLA provides financial assistance for the planning, design and construction of improvements to community water systems and non-profit non-community public water systems. The program is jointly managed by Division of Environmental and Financial Assistance and Ohio EPA’s Division of Drinking and Ground Waters.