District Project Update

Perrysburg Township: Ampoint Industrial Park Waterline Replacement
Through August, lane restrictions will be possible throughout Aimpoint Industrial Park and on Third Street, between Glenwood Road and D Street for waterline replacement.  Project complete:  August.  Project investment: $994,000.

Perrysburg Township: Sewer Lining
Through December,
 lane restrictions are possible in Perrysburg Township north of SR 795, west of 75, and south of the turnpike, for sewer rehabilitation.  Project complete:  February 2021.  Project investment: $1,230,000.

Rossford: Waterline Replacement *UPDATE*
Through September, lane restrictions are possible on Santus Drive, Valley Drive, and on Glenwood Road in Rossford.  Project complete: October.  Project Investment: $1.5 million.

Rossford – Tree Streets Waterline Replacement
Through August, lane restrictions are possible on Maple Street, Oak Street, Walnut Street, and Superior Street for waterline replacement, installation of new hydrants, and meter pits.  Project complete: September. Project investment $740,000.

Rossford – Dixie Highway Sewer Rehabilitation *PROJECT COMPLETE*
Sewer work on Dixie Highway from Colony Road to Vineyard Drive is now complete. Project investment: $150,000.

Rossford – Lime City Road Waterline Replacement *PROJECT COMPLETE*
Waterline replacement work on Lime City Road between Dixie Highway and Marilyn Drive is now complete.  Project investment: $770,000.

Rossford – Eagle Point Sewer Replacement *PROJECT COMPLETE*
Sewer work on Eagle Point west of Colony Road is now complete. Project investment: $1.2 million.

District-Wide Hydrant Flushing
Through August, weekdays from 7:30 am until 4 pm, crews will be flushing hydrants in various locations throughout Northwood and Lake Township.  Residents are advised to flush water from their taps if the water becomes discolored.  For more information:  https://nwwsd.maps.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=17eef70e88ca43a4ac3b8649fb263199