District Project Update

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio, – The Northwestern Water and Sewer District (The District) delivers water and sewer services to over 20,000 customers in Wood, Henry, Sandusky, and Hancock counties.  Although many of our projects are performed underground, our utility work can impact roads throughout our service area.  Updates and additions are highlighted in bold and underlined.

McComb: Scott Street Sewer Interceptor Project *SEWER WORK COMPLETE*
Sewer work on Scott Street from the new wastewater treatment plant to Cooper Street is complete.  Restoration will take place this spring.  Project complete: Spring 2021.  Project investment: $400,000.

McComb: Waterline Replacement Project
Through January, expect lane restrictions and possible water service interruptions on South Main Street, between Park Drive and Liberty Street, on Todd Street, near the railroad tracks, and on West Cooper Street between Pleasant Street and Rader Road.  Project complete: Spring 2021.  Project Investment: $600,000.

Northwood: Waterline Replacement *WATERLINE WORK COMPLETE*
Waterline replacement work on and near Curtice Road between Lemoyne Road and Bradner Road, on Chantilly Rue, Bordeaux Rue, Teri Rue and Reva Drive is complete.  Restoration work will continue through December and spring, weather permitting.  Project complete: Spring 2021.  Project Investment: $1.5 million.

Perrysburg Township: Waterline Replacement
Through March 2021, lane restrictions and water service interruptions are possible on North and South Bramblewood, Bridgewood and Cliffwood Streets in Perrysburg Township for waterline replacement. Residents will be notified of service interruptions. Project complete: April 2021.  Project Investment: $1.5 million.

Perrysburg Township: Sewer Lining
Through December, lane restrictions are possible in Perrysburg Township north of SR 795, west of 75, and south of the turnpike, for sewer rehabilitation.  Project complete:  February 2021.  Project investment: $1,230,000.

Rossford: Waterline Replacement *UPDATE*
Waterline work on Santus and Valley Drive is complete.  Through December, lane restrictions are still possible on Glenwood Road for waterline work and restoration.  Restoration work will occur in all areas in December and through the spring of 2021, weather permitting.  Project complete: Spring 2021.  Project Investment: $1.5 million.