Drinking Water Recommendations


Drinking Water Recommendations

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During these months of warmer temperatures with more outdoor activities, we all need to stay hydrated. Cool, safe drinking water is a perfect solution for this need!

In the aftermath of the August 2014 Lake Erie algae crisis, many of us learned to maintain a home supply of drinking water for our family’s use.

Emergencies in general make this point even more important!

We at Northwestern Water & Sewer District have several ideas and pieces of information to help.

Our WaterShed vending machines provide clean, drinking water 24/7 for only $.25 a gallon.

Yes, only 25 cents a gallon!250427_10150209147109799_6333766_n

Plus, we have free one-gallon easy to handle containers as well in our lobby.

It’s important to store water for use in an emergency. How much is needed, how to store it and more can be found at these articles:



We are very blessed to have high quality affordable drinking water options available here in Northwest Ohio.

Stay hydrated naturally with water and make sure to store water in case you need it during an emergency!