Image of Expansion Tank

A standard water heater can stress plumbing pipes when water is heated, causing damage to pipes and appliances.   A thermal expansion tank can minimize the risk of damage to your plumbing system.

An expansion tank is able to absorb extra water volume created in your piping system when water is heated and or pressure fluctuations.

In some areas, The District is moving meters from inside homes to a meter pit, which will allow for easier reading and maintenance.  When we do this, we install check valves that prevent water from flowing back into the public water system.  This can trap pressure fluctuations within your homes internal plumbing.  That is why when these projects are under construction, we offer expansion tanks to homeowners to improve their system and help handle these pressure fluctuations.

While the tanks are offered at no cost, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to have them installed.  The District suggests installation by a certified plumber.  If you have questions regarding expansion tanks, contact us at 419-354-9090.