All Metered Areas

Fee Cost
Setup Fee for all new or transferred accounts $25
Outside Reader installed by the District Cost + 20%
Bad Check Charge for any check or e-payment returned by the bank $30
Administrative Service Charge-charged when service is scheduled for disconnection due to nonpayment on account or disconnection due to failure of the customer to comply with the rules and regulations of the District $56
Field Service Charge-charged for additional trips to a service address due to inaccessibility of District facilities/equipment or unauthorized reconnection of service. $56
Repairs to District Property/Equipment-billed according to the equipment and materials schedule Time and Materials
Residential/Commercial sewer permit fee for a new tap inspection charge based on 4 hours of inspection required for the sewer tap $275
Per hour charge above 4 hours (includes testing) $65
Overtime inspections charged at 1.5 times the hourly rate $97.50
Sanitary Sewer Abandonment charge for inspection of sewer connection when abandoned. $100
Water Tap Abandonment Fee disconnect at curb stop or meter pit.  Inspection fee is $100; if District performs disconnection, then time and material rates will be charged. $100
Prepaid Plan Review, Inspection, and Project Administration for commercial/industrial, subdivision construction, engineering review of each set of plans, and for water and sewer construction inspection services upon plan approval.  Subsequent plan reviews will be charged on an hourly basis. $200 each
Water and sanitary permit and inspection fees to recover the full cost of the District's inspection (including fire lines) Projects less than or equal to $50,000 will be 5% of project cost; greater than $50,000 will be $2,500 plus 2.5%
Overtime inspections charged at 1.5 times the hourly rate $97.50
Collection Fee for every collection made on behalf of a private developer, based on the Private Developer Agreement with The District $50
Late Payment Charge for monthly billing $5 or 10% of bill, whichever is greater
After-Hours Reconnection Fee 3 hours at current fee schedule
Plan Sheet Copy Fee  – 24 inches by 36 inches sheet; black and white $3 per sheet
Plan Sheet Copy Fee  – 24 inches by 36 inches sheet; color $6 per sheet
Water Charge for bulk water stations $12 per 1,000 gallons
Water Charge for WaterShed dispensing units $0.25 per gallon
Copy Charge for public records request – black and white $0.05 per copy
Copy Charge for public records request – color $0.07 per copy
Copy Charge for public records request – electronic copy $1 per copy
Notice to Individuals of Specific Public Businesses by special request in self-addressed stamped envelope $0.05 per notice
Sanitary Sewer Cross-Connection Fee, implemented in situations where known storm and sanitary sewer connections exist. A 30-day notice will be granted first in most situations $100 per day
Map Design Fee to generate maps $50 per hour
Plan Deposit Fee – non-refundable fee paid by contractors for plans set for projects being publicly bid on. $100 per set
Monthly Fire-Protection Charge for un-metered fire lines to pay for the availability of water service upon demand in the event of a fire $2 per hydrant plus monthly line size charges below:

4" line - $35; 6" line - $70; 8" line - $112; 10" line - $161; 12" line - $217

Unauthorized Use of Sanitary Sewer and/or Water Lines – for any property owner making a connection without proper inspection or proper authorization, including reconnection $100 per day + usage/discharge
Stormwater Billing Fee – per-bill charge to include stormwater fees for another entity on The District's customer bill $0.50 per bill
Anti-Degradation Fee for up to 10,000 gallons per day. Minimum charge is $360 for one Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU), Ohio EPA's standard flow estimate for an average 3-bedroom home $1 per gallon
Anti-Degradation Fee for over 10,000 gallons per day $10,000 plus $0.10 per gallon