Customer’s Liability

The Customer is defined as the property owner since the property owner is, according to law, responsible for payment of all bills and is the owner of the necessary piping and connections between the curb stop and/or meter pit and their residence.

The Customer shall be financially responsible for any tampering, interfering with or breaking of the seals of meters or other equipment of the District. The customer will be held liable, including any illegal diversion of water according to law.

The Customer agrees that no one except employees of the District or Agent shall be allowed to make internal or external adjustments of any meter or any other piece of apparatus that is the property of the District.

Only employees of the District or its Agent shall have the authority to turn the water service on or off at the curb stop and/or meter pit. No other person shall be permitted to turn such water on or off without having authorization or a permit from the District in every instance. Any illegal tampering of this type may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.