District Board Approves Modest Rate Increase for 2023

At The District, we plan for the long term, making investments in our water and wastewater systems responsibly and gradually. We develop an annual budget based on the planned capital and operating needs for that year. All of our costs, from capital infrastructure projects to daily operations to emergency work, are paid for solely by rates and fees, not taxes.

Each year, The District reviews the costs of operations, inflation, fuel, materials, and labor in order to establish our rates. Rates must also maintain debt service coverage, maintain bond covenants, and cover the cost of emergency repairs.

For 2023, the board approved a 3.74% increase in District water rates and 3.04% increase for District sewer charges. This reflects a total increase of only $3.02 in District charges per month for 1,000 cubic feet of usage.

According to Board Chairman, Mark Sheffer “Today, 20,000 households and businesses across Northwest Ohio benefit from our current water and sewer system. It’s our responsibility to not only care for this system but prepare it to meet future challenges – all while keeping rates as low as good service will allow.”

Your water and sewer bill is split into two parts: District operations and maintenance charges and treatment provider charges. Treatment provider charges will vary depending on where you live. In 2023, customers of most water and sewer treatment providers will see increases. 

District Charges *per 1,000 cubic feet 2022 2023 Difference
District Water per Month $39.35 $40.82 + $1.47
District Sewer per Month $51.04 $52.59 + $1.55
Total per Month $90.39 $93.41 + $3.02