Investing in Our Water Future

The water bill you pay ensures we can continue to provide you—and generations to come—with the high-quality water service you receive today.

  • We receive no revenue from tax dollars.
  • Our rates are based on the costs to purchase and deliver water and sewer services to you.
  • We continually reinvest the money we get from your water bill to maintain and upgrade the pipes, pump stations, and other infrastructure that allow us to deliver safe reliable water, and remove wastewater.

A rate structure is how you are charged for water and wastewater services. The rate is the amount you are charged.

  • As The District has expanded over the past two decades, we have gradually absorbed a variety of rate structures and funding models to avoid disruptions in customer service or billing.
  • Your bill may consist of several different charges depending on your location.

In general, The District’s rate structure for both water and wastewater is made up of a service charge plus a volumetric water usage rate based on how many gallons of water you use.

  • The service charge covers the cost of billing, meter reading, and administration and is based on your meter size.
  • The volumetric rate for both water and wastewater services covers the annual operation, maintenance, and improvement of the water distribution and wastewater collection systems.