Owner/Customer’s Responsibility

The service line from the meter pit to the premises is the sole responsibility of the property owner. We recommend that the service lines be buried at a minimum of 48 inches to prevent freezing.

Prior to receiving water service, the owner/customer must:

  1. Pay application and tapping fees at the District’s Operations Facility located at 12560 Middleton Pike (The customer may also be required to sign a pre-annexation agreement if they are in the Bowling Green water area as a condition of receiving water service)
  2. Hire a contractor/plumber to install your service line – The homeowner may install the service line, but this department will hook up meter pit, provided the service line is installed prior to the water tap – Otherwise, a plumber shall be hired at the owner’s expense to make the connection
  3. Call the District Office ((419) 354-9090, or (877) 354-9090) and let us know you are ready for the tap, or to have the meter set and water turned on. We ask for a 48-hour notice
  4. Disconnect existing well water system being used from the indoor plumbing at time of turn-on
  5. Have a recorded address visible from the street

When obtaining a permit for service, the customer must advise the District of the necessary size of the service line and meter size required to adequately serve the premises. If larger than a 1" line or larger than a 5/8" meter, the size of the service line and meter requested by the customer will be subject to approval by the District Engineer or Superintendent. All meter pits requiring up to a 2 inch meter will be required to be located at the road right-of-way in most cases.

The owner is responsible for contacting the Ohio Underground Protection Service (O.U.P.S.) 48 hours (2 business days) prior to digging the customer’s service line. The O.U.P.S. telephone number is (800) 362-2764.