Services From Treatment Providers

In addition to the cost of maintaining the lines The District uses to deliver clean water or remove and treat wastewater, there is also a charge from your local water or sewer treatment provider.

  • Depending on your location, you will see an additional charge for your treatment service provider in addition to The District’s rates.
  • The District passes the rates for these services through to you as part of your monthly water bill.

Our drinking water and wastewater treatment service providers include:

  • City of Toledo
  • City of Bowling Green
  • City of Perrysburg
  • City of Oregon
  • City of Fostoria
  • City of Napoleon
  • The District provides treatment for water and sewer services for the Village of McComb

Treatment Provider Updates for 2023

Toledo Water and Sewer
Through 2027, rates established by the Toledo Regional Water Commission will impact customers as Toledo water rates are equalized for communities purchasing their water. All customers who receive Toledo water will see an increase in water. There are no increases to your sewer charge if your wastewater is treated by the City of Toledo.

Oregon Water and Sewer
Customers with water supplied by and wastewater treated by the City of Oregon will not have an increase.

Bowling Green Water and Sewer
The City of Bowling Green approved an increase in water and sewer rates for 2023.

Napoleon Water
The City of Napoleon approved a rate increase for water in 2023.

Perrysburg Water and Sewer
District customers with water provided by the City of Perrysburg and sewer treated by Perrysburg will see an increase in rates in 2023.

Lucas County Sewer
No additional provider charges are expected at this time.

City of Fostoria
Customers with water and sewer supplied by the City of Fostoria may see a change in rates in March 2023.