Should I Decrease My Water Meter Size?

Nearly all homes can get by with a 5/8 inch meter. If you have irrigation, depending on the system, a larger meter is advised.

We get asked by builders, architects, and customers to size the meter. We offer guidance as best we can, but the decision lies with the customer. You should contact a certified licensed plumber.

Customers may call to request a decrease in water meter size, provided that the customer and his/her plumbing contractor determine that a smaller meter will meet the building or facility water usage needs. All plumbing changes and upgrades related to the new meter size must adhere to our water service rules.

You and your plumber may also want to view the AWWA Water Meter Equivalences to help you determine what meter size may be appropriate for your home or business. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to determine what meter size is appropriate for your home or business.