Water & Sewer Savings

Since our water and sewer charges are usage-based, we encourage you to save on water. Here are some lifestyle changes you can practice at home to save on your water and sewer bill.

Activity Conventional Method Conservation Method
Brushing teeth Water running—10 gallons Wet brush, rinse briefly—0.5 gallons
Shaving Water running—10 to 15 gallons Fill sink—1 gallon
Dishwashing Dishwasher—8 to 16 gallons By hand in sink—5 to 7 gallons
Washing Car At home with hose—50 to 150 gallons Self-serve carwash—5 to 10 gallons
Shower Water running—20 to 25 gallons Turn off to soap, rinse briefly—4 gallons
Toilet Flush each use—30 to 28 gallons per day Low flow flush for liquid waste—5 to 7 gallons per day

You can monitor your use and get alerts that let you know if your water use is high. Using technology, we can monitor water use across our service area 24/7/365. The District believes in using technology to help monitor leaks and save money. We offer a free notification service called AquaHawk. To learn more and sign-up visit our Monitor Your Usage page.