What Does Northwestern Water & Sewer District Do?

Northwestern Water and Sewer District (NWWSD) provides water and wastewater service to five counties in Northwest Ohio and has been in operation since 1994. Our employees work hard 24/7/365 to deliver on our promise of reliable, high-quality water and wastewater service.

The District purchases drinking water from various municipal providers who treat the water and we operate the system that distributes the water to our customers. The District also operates the system that collects and carries the wastewater from your home to various municipal wastewater treatment plants. Our staff maintains and operates more than 800 miles of water distribution and wastewater collection lines. In addition to water for drinking and other domestic uses, we supply water for fire protection and maintain more than 3,800 fire hydrants in The District. We also administer the water and wastewater system by reading meters and managing customer billing.