System Development Fee

What is a System Development Fee?

A System Development Fee (SDF) is a charge for new customers to the system. It is designed to prevent the inequity to existing customers that would result if user rates were increased to pay for added costs for new construction to serve future customers (line oversizing for example).

The goal is to achieve a more equitable recovery of capital costs from new connections. To make the costs fair to the existing customer base, new customers should pay a fee to “buy into the system”. Existing customers have already paid a portion of the cost of general improvements to support the entire system. Revenue derived from SDFs is restricted to use for the development of facilities to expand water and wastewater services. This includes the development of water sources and wastewater treatment, construction of buildings, tanks, mains, and pumps needed to provide adequate public water and wastewater treatment within The District’s service areas.

The fees are based on water meter size. They are broken down into “Water Distribution”, “Sewer Collection” and “Sanitary Treatment.” Any SDF request over 2 inches will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Meter Size Water Distribution SDF Sewer Collection SDF Water/Sewer Collection Total Sanitary Treatment SDF Water/Sewer Collection & Treatment Total
5/8 inch $1,304 $1,087 $2,391 $211 $2,602
3/4 inch $1,956 $1,631 $3,587 $317 $3,903
1 inch $3,260 $2,718 $5,978 $528 $6,505
1 and 1/2 inches $6,520 $5,435 $11,955 $1,055 $13,010
2 inches $10,432 $8,696 $19,128 $1,688 $20,816

Meter over 2 inches – contact The District