How The District is Surviving COVID-19

September 1, 2020

It’s been 24 weeks since the Governor defined essential and non-essential businesses. We were “essential” from the start, providing potable water and removing sanitary sewer flows in the region.

However, being “essential” did not mean following normal operations to get our work done. We separated our office and field staff to adopt the practice of social distancing.  That move has been different for all of us and still is.

Our regular discussions between employees and departments changed and still are evolving. Now approximately ½ of our field staff, about 35-40 employees, don’t come into the main administrative building and either work remotely or report directly into the field each day.

What hasn’t changed?

Our commitment to our customers to answer questions, our commitment to repair and maintain the system, and our commitment to conduct our meter reading and billing.  We have our local customer service department at work every day providing support for you and our field staff.  We also have our field crews and contractors working daily to upgrade and repair the system.

Our Board of Trustees still meets every 2 weeks, but to ensure safety, we teleconference via “Zoom”.   It’s been an adjustment, but we conduct business efficiently and smoothly, without pause. Watch or call in if you would like.  Check out our website to find out how.

Being open about how we conduct your water and sewer operation is a priority to us.  We encourage you to reach out to us to get the information you need.  We offer many ways for you to get information, like our website.  We are also active on social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.   Our newsletters are updated monthly and are full of helpful information that covers every season here in NW Ohio!

Reach out if you need us by phone at 419-354-9090 or by email.

And let’s hope this pandemic weakens and leaves us soon!

Jerry Greiner
President, The Northwestern Water and Sewer District