January 2022

Posted: January 28, 2022 at 9:02 a.m.

Pandemic Perseverance

Like employers around the country, The District continues to follow the CDC COVID 19 guidelines and local county health department recommendations in dealing with the ongoing pandemic. Most of our employees are vaccinated and take measures to minimize exposure. Our organization is not alone in rising up to the challenges brought forth by the pandemic and we’ve managed to best serve our customers while getting our work done each day.

Through it all, The District team has been able to maintain regular shifts and quality customer service. At times, it may take us a few extra minutes to respond. We may have had to wait additional time on parts due to the supply chain. We have had employees test positive with COVID, but we’ve been able to manage our way through the challenging times. We thank them for filling in when others have fallen ill, their families got sick, and filling in for those who have lost loved ones. We also appreciate their innovation in getting the job done when materials are low. Our office and field staff are dedicated to the jobs they do. We are so appreciative of our great workforce and their expertise in providing clean water. And to our customers, we appreciate your patience and understanding!

Jerry Greiner
Northwestern Water and Sewer District