June 2019

Posted: June 28, 2019 at 1:07 a.m.

District Merger Update

Henry County Regional Water and Sewer and Northwestern Water and Sewer District

In the last two weeks, both our District and the Board of Henry County Regional Water and Sewer District have agreed to study the merits of a merger between our two districts. This would be done to improve the efficiency and operations of the HCRWSD as well as expand the service area of The Northwestern Water and Sewer District.

What happens next?

An operations agreement is under review and discussion between the two parties. It will outline the scope and terms of operations during the next 60-90 days while the merger is being finalized.

Specifically, The Northwestern Water and Sewer District is already involved in field operations, performing restoration work and hydrant repairs. Our Geographic Information System (GIS) crew has been identifying and locating above and below ground fixtures such as fire hydrants, valves as well as water and sewer taps. This will provide accurate maps and electronic field data for our field crews for emergencies and everyday operations. This is extremely helpful to our staff and helps deliver quality service to our customers.

Billing and customer service details are still being resolved. Henry County has been working under contract with an individual who processes their billing. It would be the preference of the parties to extend this arrangement to continue “business as normal” for most customer needs.

In time, The Northwestern Water and Sewer District will assume these duties. Our billing software and meter reading capabilities will greatly improve customer service capabilities. For example, our AquaHawk service will allow customers to view daily water use online and to set up text alerts for possible leaks or high use. It also allows our staff to monitor possible leaks. The Northwestern Water and Sewer District also uses the Code Red Notification System. This automated calling system informs our customers of water-related issues, such as boil notices or other water emergencies.

Letters, emails, and press releases, as well as social media, will be used to inform customers about this merger as details are worked out. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @nwwsd. Information will also be posted on our Northwestern Water & Sewer website.

This merger is a great opportunity for The Northwestern Water and Sewer District to serve a larger area and improve operations for customers in Henry County.

Jerry Greiner
Northwestern Water and Sewer District