March 2022

Posted: March 1, 2022 at 8:59 a.m.

Staffing & Hiring

The District, like employers all over the country, has had staffing challenges during the pandemic. We have had our share of extended absences due to illness or exposure to COVID, as well as some turnover during this period. We are lucky that we have found (or they found us!) quality individuals with relevant experience and skills. Despite what you may read in the news, there are very good positions open and great people trying to improve their work experience. We are fortunate in that we attract great employees and quality individuals to work for The District. This is great news for you, our customers, and for the areas we serve.

We are fortunate to employ talented individuals and we have always encouraged them to pursue additional water and sewer licenses, continue their training, and advance their education. We are not restricted to employing only one licensed operator, one engineer, or one customer billing technician. We have a team, all well trained, experienced, and dedicated to serving you! My hat is off to all of them, especially having worked through the many physical and personal challenges caused by COVID, both at work and at home.