A Framework for Growth – Master Plan Blog

Infrastructure investment by water and sewer utilities is essential to keep pace with population growth, meet regulations, deliver adequate services, and protect public health and the environment.  These large expenditures require that utilities create a master plan for future water and wastewater needs.  A master plan defines a system-wide integrated water supply, wastewater needs, and a capital improvement strategy to meet anticipated planning needs.

According our lead Engineer Tom Stalter, “A master plan has to be updated regularly to incorporate changing conditions in order for it to remain useful, relevant, and accurate, and to successfully achieve its goal of helping the water and sewer utility meet present and future needs.”

The Northwestern Water and Sewer District’s (The District) recently updated their master plan. This plan followed Wood County’s 2017 Land Use Plan closely.  The master plan provides direction for potential improvements in water and wastewater service areas, including residential growth in Perrysburg and Middleton Townships.   It also examines current water and wastewater needs in areas that are targeted for economic development like long SR 582, near the CSX intermodal facility, and in Rossford.  The master plan is also intended to provide The District and local government officials with a strategy to furnish water and sanitary sewer service areas that are not currently served.   If you want to see where we are “growing to”, be sure to check out our updated master plan.

Jerry Greiner