Algae Crisis Anniversary

On August 2, 2022, we will reach the 8th anniversary of the 2014 Algae Crisis. I last talked about this on the 5th anniversary in my blog in 2017. Seems like yesterday!

Thank goodness, things have improved and we have not had to relive another “do not drink” the water advisory. We have not had to purchase a supply of bottled water to last several days and endure restricted water sources. Toledo and other major water treatment providers have made improvements to their processes that allow for accelerated response to ever-changing conditions on Lake Erie.  Toledo in particular has spent millions of dollars to treat the water from Lake Erie at the Collins Park Water Treatment plant.

EPA has a firmer set of rules and definitions for those events, which helps too.  At the time of the “do not drink” advisory, the Ohio EPA’s microcystin regulations were new, and only a small water provider in Ottawa County had seen such of an extent of the problem.

But we can still do more, as each year harmful algae continues to bloom into the western basin of Lake Erie. Whether you see it first-hand on the lake water or in digital imagery from space, it’s an ugly event that still causes problems for all of us here.

Please don’t forget and do what you can to help prevent such a problem! There are various websites and online resources to help!

Jerry Greiner, District President