August 2018

Regional Water Update

The Northwestern Water & Sewer District is monitoring ongoing studies of water options in Northwest Ohio. I hope this helps your understanding in our continued discussions on Toledo Water – Jerry Greiner, President.

Toledo Discussions

The District has attended multiple meetings with the City of Toledo to explore the financial and governance details of the formation of a Toledo Water Commission. These meetings were attended by the original technical committee made up of members from the suburbs, prior to TAWA. The City has been forthcoming with detailed financial information and this has been helpful to all communities involved in discussions. In mid-July, The District toured the Collins Park Treatment plant and was encouraged by the progress of the ongoing $500 million in capital improvements to the plant.

Tonight, Toledo City Council may vote to amend the City’s charter and form the Toledo Water Commission. This will be the first and biggest step by the Toledo City council to move forward with a regional agreement. A yes vote would allow for a change to the city charter and bring the Toledo Water Commission up for a public vote in November. We will monitor this closely, as I am sure many of you will.

Bowling Green Discussions

The City of Perrysburg, along with the City of Maumee and The District has recently accepted qualifications for a study investigating the possibility of expansion of the City of Bowling Green water service area. At this point we estimate this detailed look to be complete this fall or winter.

Artesian of Pioneer Proposal

The City of Sylvania, along with the Cities of Maumee and Perrysburg, the villages of Liberty Center and Whitehouse, the Henry County Water & Sewer District, and The Northwestern Water and Sewer District are moving forward with a study to investigate the possibility of using the underground Michindoh Aquifer that extends in parts of Ohio, Michigan, and northeast Indiana. The group plans to move forward on testing two well sites over the next few months.


We estimate that by late fall the studies, along with results from a possible vote on the proposed Toledo Water Commission, will be complete. At that time, The District will host a public meeting to present information on regional water issues.