August 2018

Facing (Rate) Challenges Head-on

The District has never backed away from the challenges that come with running a water and sewer utility. Perhaps one of the largest issues facing the water industry in the United States today is how households will continue to pay for increased costs for water and sewer systems. A national survey shows water rates increasing in 30 U.S. cities. Locally, it’s no different.

The number one criticism we receive through our customer service department, as well as through comments to our board members, District staff, and myself has to be “You charge too much for water & sewer!”

That is why The District will be commissioning a formal rate study. We are currently seeking an outside, independent consultant to investigate the possibility of introducing a customer assistance program, and to look into an equal rate for all customers, including residential, multi-family, business, and industrial. The rate study will also consider inflation and other possible future cost increases facing water and sewer utilities. The study will provide a ten-year plan for future water and sewer rates.

We estimate the review of our current rate and billing structure will be complete by the fall of 2019.