August 2020

Plenty of Opportunities


Despite the slowdown caused by COVID-19 across the world, Northwestern Ohio has jobs available!

In addition to being President of The Northwestern Water and Sewer District (The District), I serve on the Wood County Economic Development Commission’s executive board of directors.  Each month, we hear an update for our region, with a focus on Wood County. This month, the County’s economic situation is very good, with many major corporations hiring new employees.  For example:

  • FedEx in Perrysburg Township
  • Walgreens Distribution Center in Perrysburg Township
  • Home Depot Warehouse in Troy Township
  • First Solar expansion in Lake Township
  • NSG/Pilkington in Troy Township
  • Amazon Fulfillment Center in Rossford

These are just a few of the companies in our area that have recently expanded or built new facilities and are offering good jobs with solid benefits during the pandemic.  But it’s not only new facilities with jobs available; there is also a need for workers at existing facilities.  The pandemic has caused a need for additional workers to fill openings caused by those on leave or not returning to their regular employers due to health/safety concerns. Also, the number of college-aged workers is down due to local colleges going virtual or offering smaller-scale in-person on-campus classes.

And this isn’t just occurring in northern Wood County!  We also have employers in The District’s southern region facing similar challenges finding workers.  For example, the new NorthPoint Development in Henry Township is scheduled to open a major distribution facility next year, meaning many new job openings to be filled.  Then you have Hearthside Foods Solutions, a reliable food manufacturer in the Village of McComb in Hancock County, which is always looking for new talent.

In addition to creating jobs, these companies pay real estate taxes, some pay income taxes, and all pay taxes toward the region’s local schools.   That’s in addition to providing good incomes to our friends and neighbors and generating other taxes through the general economy. This can all help soften the impact from other businesses or agencies that can’t pay workers or will pay fewer taxes during this challenging time.

The companies listed above are just a few businesses served by the Northwestern Water and Sewer District.  We are striving to maintain our rates in good order during this time of economic uncertainty to help support our entire local economy.

Jerry Greiner
Northwestern Water and Sewer District