Bulk Water Station Upgrade

Bowling Green, Ohio

The Northwestern Water and Sewer District (The District) in the process of upgrading all of its bulk water stations in 2021.  All bulk water station users will soon be able to access bulk water with a user-friendly pin pad, instead of the current plastic access card tracking system.  Stations may also undergo various maintenance upgrades during construction.  The District estimates it will take nine months for the changeout of all stations based on equipment availability.  Work begins in February.

The District’s bulk water stations primarily supply commercial and agricultural users with thousands of gallons of water to be hauled for use in filling pools, cisterns, construction use, and farming.  Water haulers can contact The District at (419) 354-9090 Option 2 or email The District  to set up an account.

Effective Monday, February 8 through Friday, February 19, the bulk water station in Weston (12805 Van Tassel Road) will be out of service for maintenance upgrades. Additionally, during this time, the bulk water station at the CSX facility (18920 Deshler Road) may experience short-term service outages for maintenance upgrades.