February Waterworks Newsletter


Rate Forecast

Over the Christmas holiday, District crews were very busy with water-related issues caused by the extreme cold. Thanks to their preparation and experience, we maintained water and sewer service to over 99% of District customers. Only one District waterline suffered a break due to the cold but it was repaired quickly with minimum disruption to service. Over the weekend, our crews responded to over seventy emergency calls, most from customers with frozen or broken pipes in their homes or businesses. This event is a good reminder to prepare for the cold weather by locating the main water shut-off valve for your home or business. You can also leave cabinet doors open during extreme cold to prevent pipes from breaking. It's also good to keep a plumber's phone number on hand in case you need to thaw any frozen pipes because great care needs to be taken so more damage is not done.
WaterShed Issues
The cold also caused issues with our WaterShed buildings, which are not heated inside. Most of the WaterShed dispensing units experienced issues due to the cold. Fortunately, because of the cold weather, most customers stayed inside, which gave our team time to make repairs the following week. The District is grateful for the hard work and dedication of its crews.

Board Elects New Officers

Three officers were recently elected to run The District's Board of Trustees. Douglas Miller is now Chairman and will oversee the operations of the board. Melinda Kale is the Vice Chair and will assist the Chairman in his duties and take on the role of Chairman in his absence. Steve Arnold will serve as Secretary and is responsible for accurate records of all board meetings, communications, and board correspondence. Together, these officers will serve as the leadership of the board this year and work to ensure it runs efficiently and effectively.

Pay Your Way: Bill Pay Options

The District offers several easy, secure ways to pay your water and sewer bill. Over half of our customers prefer to pay by credit or debit card. We also have customers that access their accounts online and register to sign up for electronic billing. Some prefer the convenience of setting up automatic payment withdrawals directly from a bank account. If you prefer paying by phone, you can do so 24/7/365 with our automated phone payment system using a credit or debit card. Call toll-free at 877-354-9090 Option 8. Many customers still pay by mail or in person at our office 12560 Middleton Pike, in Bowling Green, Ohio. If you prefer to speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives, we are here on weekdays from 7:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m. to assist with your billing or other account needs.

Construction Corner

Henry County Waterline: Waterline Installation
Through June, lane restrictions are possible on CR 424 (Old US 24), between CR 4 and SR 109 for waterline installation.  Traffic will be maintained by flaggers.  Continuing through June, lane and shoulder restrictions are possible starting in Weston on Euler Road (CR N) from Van Tassel Road to SR 65, and on Kiel Road from Weston Road to Euler Road for waterline installation.  Lane restrictions are also possible in the Village of McClure north of US 6 for waterline installation.  Project investment: $4.9 million. Project complete: June.

McComb Sewer Line Replacement
Through February, lane restrictions are possible in various locations throughout McComb for sewer line replacement. Project investment: $643,000. Project complete: February.

Middleton & Center Townships: Sugar Ridge Sewer Project
Through July, lane restrictions are possible on Sugar Ridge Road between I-75 and SR 25, and along Mercer Road, north and south of Sugar Ridge Road for sewer installation. Project investment: $1.6 million. Project complete: July.

Perrysburg Township: Ford Road Pump Station Replacement
Through February, Ford Road, between White Road and Lindsay Drive is closed for sanitary sewer installation. Through April, expect additional construction traffic on Ford Road between White Road and Lindsay Drive for pump station replacement and relocation. Project investment: $7.7 million. Project complete: April.

Plain Township: Liberty Hi Water Line Extension
Through May, lane restrictions are possible on Liberty Hi Road from Euler Road to Poe Road and along Gorrill Road east of Liberty Hi Road for waterline installation. Project investment: $900,000. Project complete: May.
District Area Work: Valve Maintenance
Through December, crews will be performing valve maintenance in Northern Wood County. Flush your waterlines if your water becomes discolored.

District-Wide Valve Maintenance
Through January, crews will be working along Oregon Road, north of SR 795, and in the Ampoint complex in Perrysburg Township for valve maintenance.  Once work is complete in Perrysburg Township, crews will work at various locations in Rossford.  This work involves turning valves on waterlines, which can occasionally cause water to become discolored.  Residents are advised to flush their taps if this occurs.  Valve maintenance work will continue in various locations throughout The District through December.