December Waterworks Newsletter


Rate Forecast

The District reviews our water and sewer rates annually as part of our budget development process. Each year we carefully track the cost of pumping, treating, storing, distributing, operating, and maintaining our system in compliance with state and federal regulations so that we can forecast rates for the year ahead. We are currently drafting the 2023 budget based on our anticipated capital and operating expenses. Our budget will determine if a rate change is necessary.

In 2022, rates increased slightly because of the impact of lower-than-average water use due to higher-than-average precipitation as well as supply chain concerns. As we head into 2023, we are factoring inflation and its impact on our planned projects, operations, labor, materials, fuel, and utilities.

Once finalized, The District's Board of Trustees will discuss and approve both the 2023 budget and rates which typically occurs during a December Board meeting. Depending on where you live, your water or sewer treatment provider may also increase their rates and this could also impact your bill. Our next newsletter will feature more details on rates. Be sure to sign up for our digital newsletter online or follow us on social media for the latest budget and rate announcements.

Board Update

Recently, members of our board of trustees were reappointed. Tim Phillips was reappointed by the Henry County Commissioners and Brooke Hahn was reappointed by the member townships. Chuck Latta is expected to be reappointed by The District's municipal members. Their terms will conclude in December 2025.

Welcome Tyler Mohre

The District is proud to welcome Tyler Mohre to our team. Tyler is an Engineering Aide II in our engineering department. He served five years of active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps and three years as a reservist in the Ohio National Guard. He enjoys spending time with his family and building computers.

Get the Gift of Clean Pipes

To help prevent clogs in your plumbing and sewer system over the holiday, The District would like to give you one of our special grease-holding lids. These fit over any used empty food can and are used to store and cool grease or as we say "Can it, Cool it, Toss it". Pick one up at our main office lobby during regular business hours.

District Finishes 13th in the Nation in the Operations Challenge

Three District licensed operators, along with two from the City of Columbus, participated as team "Combined Sewers" in the national Operations Challenge at Water Environment Federation's Technical Exhibition and Conference. The team (pictured left to right above) included Bryan Martikan, Jarred Myers, Melody Clark, Chris Droughty, and Tom McGrain. They finished 13th overall in their national division.

Construction Corner

Henry County: Waterline Project
Through next spring, lane restrictions are possible on CR 424, between CR 4 and SR 109 and on Euler Road from Van Tassel Road to SR 65. Project investment: $4.9 million. Project complete: Spring 2023.

McComb Sewer Line Replacement
Through January, lane restrictions are possible in various locations throughout McComb for sewer line replacement. Project investment: $643,000. Project complete: February.

Middleton & Center Townships: Sugar Ridge Sewer Project
Through July, lane restrictions are possible on Sugar Ridge Road between I-75 and SR 25, and along Mercer Road, north and south of Sugar Ridge Road for sewer installation. Project investment: $1.6 million. Project complete: July.

Perrysburg Township: Ford Road Pump Station Replacement
Through April, intermittent closures of Ford Road, between White Road and Lindsay Drive may be announced for pump station replacement. Project investment: $7.7 million. Project complete: April.

District Area Work: Valve Maintenance
Through May, crews will be performing valve maintenance in various locations. If your water becomes discolored following this work, please flush your waterlines.