District Awarded $2.55 Million in Ohio BUILDS Water Infrastructure Grants

Bowling Green, Ohio

The Northwestern Water and Sewer District (The District) announces that it will be awarded $2,557,916 million from the new Ohio BUILDS water infrastructure grant program. The grant will help fund a portion of two projects: a project to build a new water main interconnection from North Baltimore to McComb, and a project to construct sanitary sewers to allow for the removal and abandonment of septic tanks near Sugar Ridge. The award was announced in a Governor DeWine press release yesterday as part of the third and final round of grants awarded through the OHIO BUILDS program.

According to District President, Jerry Greiner, “We appreciate the support of the Ohio BUILDS grant program. Each dollar will extend current funding for these important projects to help us deliver clean water and improve the environment for hundreds of residents in Northwest Ohio.”

In Hancock County, The District will receive a $2.095 million grant to build a water main interconnection between the communities of North Baltimore and McComb for regionalization, eliminating the McComb water treatment facility. In addition, new customers along the route between the communities may choose to receive public drinking water. The total cost of the project is estimated at $6 million.

In Wood County, The District will receive a $462,916 grant to construct sanitary sewers to allow for the removal and abandonment of the failing home sewage treatment systems just outside of Sugar Ridge. The proposed project’s estimated total cost is $780,000.

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