District Holiday Tradition Returns

It’s official, The District Holiday Luncheon will return this year on Friday, December 16! For those of you
who are new to this tradition, we spend the afternoon eating, learning, and connecting with our
coworkers. Everyone brings in a dish, dessert or beverage to show off their (or their spouses or
Costco’s) culinary skills. We follow the potluck feast with a presentation, all while spending time with
our coworkers. For those of us who are familiar with this celebration, you are aware that this event
makes our organization different from other public agencies, and unique in the utility business.

We have heard and read in employee surveys that events such as this are important to and enjoyed by
our employees. So much of what we do each day is necessary to provide service to a general public that
is less than grateful for our efforts and concerned with the rising costs of necessities. This tradition is a
chance to do something special for our staff, our co-workers, and ourselves.

While it’s hard to forget what we have been through personally and professionally following the Covid-
19 restrictions, we are doing our best to move forward and adjust to a new understanding regarding
work with health considerations in mind.

Thus, watch your email, read the monthly newsletter, and attend staff meetings with interest in the
coming weeks. We will continue to roll out these things and will try to inject a few nice surprises too.

Jerry Greiner