District Operators to Help restore Water Service in the Bahamas

Bowling Green, Ohio

Two licensed operators from Northwestern Water and Sewer District (The District) have returned to Northwest Ohio following their volunteer mission to assist in water and wastewater services on Grand Bahama Island. While there, the pair worked to locate freshwater wells on the island that were infiltrated by saltwater following Hurricane Dorian this September. The team’s trip was organized by Operators Without Borders, a non-profit organization that assists with post-disaster recovery for water and wastewater utilities in the Caribbean.

Ohio EPA licensed operators Todd Saums and Tom McGrain used their skills and expertise to scan for new well sites, then dig and test wells. The pair worked with a team of hydrologists from Water & Earth Sciences, Inc., as well as members from the Grand Bahama Utility Company and Grand Bahama Port Authority.

According to Saums, “Everyone was very appreciative of the work we did. Everywhere we went everyone asked us what we were doing and thanked us.”

Their journey took place, from Sunday, November 10th through Monday, November 18th. Fellow operators and members of the Ohio Water Environment Association (OWEA) and Baker and Associates have raised money to fund their trip.

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Local Water District Operators Help Restore Water Service in Bahamas

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Two local men heading to The Bahamas to help with the recovery effort