Hydrant Flushing Program Starts

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio, - The Northwestern Water and Sewer District (The District) announces that our annual hydrant flushing program kicks off this week.  Hydrant flushing consists of opening approximately 4,000 hydrants throughout our five-county service area for maintenance.  This maintenance project generally takes The District seven to eight months to complete and is expected to wrap in November this year.

Flushing not only tests hydrants to ensure they work properly and have ample flow for first responders but also improves water quality by removing fine sediment in the distribution system.  Annual flushing is required by the Ohio EPA.

During hydrant flushing, your water is safe to drink. There may be a temporary drop in water pressure during testing periods. Occasionally, water becomes discolored after hydrant flushing. If this happens, run your cold water tap for a few minutes until the water clears. If it does not clear the first time, wait a few minutes and run the water again. You should avoid washing clothes until the water clears. Should your laundry become discolored, The District offers stain remover caused by discolored water.  For additional information, please call us at (419) 354-9090 extension 170.

District crews flush hydrants weekdays from 7:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. Crews will start working in and near US 23 from Fostoria to Rising Sun, Cygnet, Custar, Milton Center, and Weston through May and early June.

The District uses technology to record data and track the progress of our hydrant flushing program.  CLICK HERE to see the updated Hydrant Flushing Progress Map
(Red indicates flushed hydrants, green indicates work yet to be complete).