John Cheney Retirement

The last of the original nine board members, John Cheney, resigned in July at the age of 90. His mind is sharp, but he deals with health concerns.
When John Joined The District… In 1992, he was one of three county commissioner appointments. John is from the southern end of Wood County and brought an understanding of rural water and sewer concerns. At the time, he was the President of The Hancock Wood Electric Cooperative (HWEC). At the peak of his career, he had a good business acumen with contracts though out the region. When he was named to The District’s board, he served on the HWEC board, giving him excellent insight on how to operate a public utility as an administrator and how to govern as a board member.

Why is this noteworthy?

John knew how to run a utility company, set policies, and oversee operations. He knew the questions to ask and how the financial statement should read. John could communicate well with the other board members and the staff alike.
Your advocate!

His concern for you, our customer, was sincere and honest to the end, reflecting his career in a non-profit electric cooperate organization. Living near North Baltimore, he understands how low rates, quality customer service, and an efficient organization operates.

The District and Wood County will miss his insight, service, and dedication.

Jerry Greiner