March Waterworks Newsletter


Fix A Leak Week

Homeowners play a critical role in conserving water and protecting the environment. Fix a Leak Week, March 20 - 26, provides an excellent opportunity for you to make a difference. By participating, you can help reduce water waste and save money on your water bills, all while doing your part to protect the planet.

The first step is to check your home for leaks. Doing this is simple. First, check your water meter. Turn off all water-using appliances and fixtures. After two-hours, check the meter. If your meter is still running, it may indicate a leak. Another way to find leaks, check for visible signs for leaks like discolored spots on walls, floors, ceilings, or puddles around pipes. You can listen for leaks by turning off all water in your home and listen for the sound of running water. You can identify toilet leaks by placing a drop of food coloring in the toilet tank. If any color shows up in the bowl after 10 minutes, you most likely have a leak. Be sure to flush immediately after the experiment to avoid staining the tank.

The District also offers a great online tool to detect leaks called AquaHawk. AquaHawk tracks your water use online. Once you set up an account, you can register to receive text alerts to notify you if your water use is too high. For more information, go to

McComb Regional Waterline Starts

The District recently began the $7 million McComb Regional Waterline project. The project consists of the installation of over 8 miles of 12” waterline from North Baltimore to the Village of McComb and will allow for the removal of the existing, aging water plant in McComb. The North Baltimore water plant will provide quality water to the Village of McComb and surrounding areas. Construction is expected to continue through the fall. For more on this project, follow our social media or check out for details.

Simple Water Actions You Can Take For World Water Day

World Water Day takes place Wednesday, March 22. As part of the UN Water Conference, this internationally recognized day is about accelerating change to solve the water and sanitation issues that affect us all.

Everyone can do their part to improve our water sources. Everyone on earth, even the laziest among us, can be part of keeping our water clean. Below are a few simple actions you can do to help protect our water.

  • Take part in clean-ups of your local rivers, lakes, and wetlands or beaches.
  • Reducing food waste reduces the demand on agriculture, which is one of the biggest water consumers. Reduce food, save water.
  • Stop polluting. Don't put food waste, oils, medicines and chemicals down the toilet or drains.


District Board of Trustees Meetings are rescheduled for March 2, March 16, and March 30 at 7:30 a.m. Meetings are open to the public at our main office located at 12560 Middleton Pike in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Community Earth Day

The District is a proud sponsor of Community Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, from 2-4 p.m. at the BG Montessori School. Learn how you can take care of our water, our planet, and see how you can win a rain barrel!

Construction Corner

Henry County: Waterline Project
Through June, lane restrictions are possible on CR 424, between CR 4 and SR 109. Lane restrictions are also possible on Euler Road from Van Tassel Road to SR 65, on Kiel Road from Weston Road to Euler Road, and in the Village of McClure north of US 6 for waterline installation. Project investment: $4.9 million. Project complete: June.

McComb Regional Waterline Project
Through November, intermittent lane restrictions are possible in North Baltimore at High Street and along Main Street to Deweyville Road (CR 203), west along CR 203, and south to Township Road 131, on SR 613, Park Drive, to the existing McComb water treatment plant on Park Street for waterline installation. Project investment: $7 million. Project complete: November.

Plain Township: Liberty Hi Waterline Extension
Through May, lane restrictions are possible on Liberty Hi Road from Euler Road to Poe Road and along Gorrill Road east of Liberty Hi Road for waterline installation. Project investment: $900,000. Project complete: May.

District Area Work: Valve Maintenance
Through December, crews will be performing valve maintenance in northern Wood County. Flush your waterlines if your water becomes discolored.