Newsletter – June 2018

Big Economic Growth

As a charter member of the Wood County Economic Development Commission (WCEDC), The District fields many requests to assist potential businesses with water and sewer service. First Solar recently announced its plan to build a $400 million dollar facility at the corner of Tracy Road and SR 795. It will add 500 new jobs in addition to providing property and school taxes to Perrysburg Township and Lake Local Schools.

Our District Engineer, Tom Stalter, along with Assistant Engineer Garret Chamberlain, President Jerry Greiner, and other staff members worked countless hours with WCEDC and a number of state and local agencies to ensure the needs of this growing company could be met. Once built and operating, this new facility will be the largest water and wastewater user in The District. Phase II will require additional work on utilities to serve it at projected levels.

Northwestern Ohio's first-rate transportation system along with strong water, sewer, electric, gas, and fiber optic utilities offer strong opportunities for regional growth. The District will continue our commitment to supporting regional economic growth.
Jerry Greiner, President 

Customer Care

Using Too Much?
Summer activities like sprinkling, gardening, and pool filling generally lead to higher use of water. But did you know that you could also be using more water due to a leak?

At The District, we offer a great tool to monitor your water use. Called "Aqua Hawk," this tool monitors your water use by the hour and lets you know your peak usage, how much water you use to garden, and can indicate a leak.

Our Crews & You

In May, The District began its yearly maintenance task of flushing all 3,800 hydrants in Wood, Hancock, and Sandusky counties. It is an extremely important part of what we do because flushing improves water quality and ensures the hydrants are properly maintained for our first responders. Hydrant flushing may have an impact on the water in your house.

When you open a hydrant or any other water outlet that has not been used in a while, the water flowing through the pipe in addition to the change in pressure can dislodge particles within the pipe. If you are connected to the same service line as the hydrant, there is a chance your water may become discolored as a result of the dislodged particles.

If this happens at your home, let your faucet run and flush the toilets until the water is clear. It is also recommended that you run the washing machine without clothes to prevent staining. The District has tablets available to remove the stains from clothes if you have issues with discoloration.


District Board of Trustees Meetings is held on the second and fourth Thursday of every month at 7:30 a.m. Board meetings are open to the public.

The Bulk Water site at Bays Road is now open!

  • Wednesday, July 4, Independence Day The District Office will be closed.

Construction Corner

Millbury-Sewer Work

Through June, lane restrictions are possible in Millbury for sewer work and manhole repairs.

Perrysburg Township/Rossford-Waterline Replacement

Through September, lane restrictions are possible on Vineyard Drive, Groce Street, White Road & Riverbend Court for waterline replacement.

Perrysburg Township-The Hamlet Subdivision

Through June, lane restrictions are possible in the Hamlet subdivision for restoration work.

Perrysburg Township-Sanitary Sewer Repair

Through July, lane restrictions are possible in Perrysburg Township for sewer repair.

Eastwood Eagles Clean Water Tour

Eastwood High School Environmental ScienceThis May, the Eastwood High School Environmental Science class spent a day learning how a water plant, a sewer plant, and a regional water district provide clean, safe water! It was a great, hands-on experience. We would like to thank the City of Bowling Green for hosting the tours at the BG Water Treatment Plant and BG Wastewater plant.