Newsletter – June 2021

Water Quality

The EPA requires community water systems to provide Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs) to our customers. These reports provide information about your local drinking water quality. The CCRs summarize data regarding water sources (e.g., rivers, lakes, reservoirs, or aquifers), detected contaminants, compliance details, and educational information. CCRs are released annually with information from the previous calendar year.

Ohio EPA E3C Award

The Ohio EPA recently awarded The District the Encouraging Environmental Excellence for Communities (E3C) Award at the Implementation Level. The District was one of seven Ohio Communities to receive this recognition award. Other communities that received this award include Bradford Wastewater, Greater Cincinnati Water Works, the City of Upper Arlington, the Willard Wastewater Treatment Plant, the City of Dublin, and the Westerville Energy Division.

According to the official Ohio EPA Press Release, The Encouraging Environmental Excellence for Communities (E3C) program recognizes communities for implementing environmental stewardship initiatives through environmental, economic, and social programs and activities.

"Environmental stewardship is a priority for the entire District team," said Jerry Greiner, District President. "Each action we take, from implementing green practices in our buildings to using technology to save on fuel, helps to protect the environment for future generations."

New Watershed

There is now a second WaterShed in Fostoria. The new WaterShed is located at the corner of 4th and Findlay Streets on the southwest end of town. The address is 622 W. Lytle Street, Fostoria, Ohio.

The District is keeping the original Fostoria WaterShed, located off of Plaza Drive, open. This is one of the most popular of our thirteen WaterSheds. The District wanted to provide another convenient location for residents in and around Fostoria to have access to pure water.


District Board of Trustees Meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursday of every month at 7:30 a.m.

Construction Corner

Perrysburg Township: Sewer Lining

Through July, lane restrictions are possible on Mandell Road and in Perrysburg Heights for sewer rehabilitation. Project complete: August. Project investment: $1,230,000

Lake Township: Water Tower:

Expect construction traffic and possible shoulder restrictions on Lemoyne Road between Latcha and Hanley Roads for water tower construction. Project complete: August 2022. Project investment: $4 million.

Rossford: Water and Sewer Line Replacement:

Through August, intermittent road closures and water and sewer service outages are possible on Hawthorne Lane. Project complete: September. Project investment: $200,000.

Weston: Sewer Rehabilitation:

Intermittent road closures are possible throughout the Village of Weston for sewer rehabilitation. Project complete: October. Project investment: $900,000.

District-Wide: Valve Maintenance:

Crews will be performing waterline maintenance throughout The District. Work involves turning valves, which may cause discolored water. Residents are advised to flush their taps if this occurs.

District-Wide: Hydrant flushing:

Through October, on weekdays from 7:30 a.m. until 4 p.m., crews will be flushing hydrants in various locations in Northern Wood County. Residents are advised to flush water from their taps if water becomes discolored.

Bulk Water Upgrades Complete

The District has successfully upgraded all of its bulk water stations. Bulk water stations supply commercial and agricultural users with thousands of gallons of water for use in filling pools, cisterns, construction, and farming. Water haulers can now access bulk water with a user-friendly pin pad, instead of the current plastic access card tracking system.

To use the new dispensing unit:

  • Enter your user # – press enter
  • Enter the PIN # – press enter (same number for both entries).
  • Enter the quantity of water you will be dispensing (50 gallons is the minimum amount). You will be charged by the amount you use, not your estimation.
  • Enter pump #1
  • Turn the switch to ON. The pump will shut off automatically once your quantity of water is dispensed.
  • When done, please turn the switch back to the OFF position.