Newsletter – March 2019

Do You Have a Leak?

Did you know the average toilet can leak around 110 gallons per hour? That's 2,600 gallons a day and 78,000 per month. This usage would cost an additional $600 per month in just your water charges! The District, along with EPA Water Sense, wants you to check your household plumbing for leaks this month.

Tips for Finding Leaks:

*Look at your water bill, if you are an average family of four and exceed 1,600 cubic feet of use monthly, you may have a leak. *Find leaky toilets by placing a drop of food coloring in the toilet tank. If color shows up in the bowl after ten minutes you have a leak.

While our customer service department monitors accounts for large usage spikes, they can't catch smaller leaks. That is why The District offers a free tool to our customers that will send you a text or email notice if your water use spikes. It's called AquaHawka.

After Hours Help

Did you know that The District is available anytime for water or sewer emergencies? Each week, one of our duty employees volunteers to be on call after hours to help when customers need it most.

There are nine employees (pictured above) who rotate shifts. Here is how it works and how you can help our team to fix it fast:

  1. Call (419) 354-9001, (Option 9). A dispatcher from the Wood County Sheriffs' office will call the employee on duty.
  2. After Hours Help
    The above graphic shows you who to
    call in an emergency.

    Please give as much information as you can regarding the issue, where the leak is if there is sewage backup, etc. Be clear on the address Be clear on the address and phone number with the dispatcher; that way our duty person can call you back with follow-up questions. Keep your phone handy in case our duty person has to follow up.

  3. Depending on the issue and weather conditions, it may take time to assemble a crew and the equipment necessary to make the repair. The District wants to remind customers that social media is not regularly monitored after hours. If you run into an emergency, please use the after-hours number to get assistance as soon as possible.


You may have seen The District sewer camera and vacuum trucks in your neighborhood. Our camera crew has been busy taking close-up views of our sewer systems with the help of some amazing technology.

In 2018, The District began using its camera truck and GPS system to record video and map coordinates of sewer infrastructure components like private lateral lines, cracks, breaks in the system, etc. The GPS locations are very precise and can be viewed on an iPad. This information is used to update previously collected data and will be used as a part of our asset management program.

The data will also provide a valuable base for designing upcoming sewer projects to prevent stormwater from entering the sewer systems, which can cause overflows at the wastewater treatment plant.

Screenshot of our digital map of Weston's sewer system showing newly collected locations of system appurtenances. By clicking on the points, users can get more information such as dates of cleaning and the size of various items of infrastructure.


District Board of Trustees Meetings is held on the second and fourth Thursday of every month at 7:30 a.m. Board meetings are open to the public.
*Save the date* Customer open house is Sunday, May 5! watch for more info soon.

Construction Corner

Current Projects

Lake Township-Waterline & Sewer Installation

Through September, watch for shoulder restrictions and construction traffic along Tracy Road from SR 795 to Keller Road for a sewer installation. Project complete: September. Project investment: $520,000.

McComb-Sewer Line Replacement

Through February, lane restrictions and short-term closures are possible at the intersection of Bond and Liberty Streets. Work on Scott and Perrin Streets will be announced. Project complete: June. Project investment: $490,000.

Perrysburg Township-Sanitary Sewer Repair

Through May, intermittent lane restrictions are possible throughout Perrysburg Township for sewer repair. The project investment is $998,000.

Rossford: Sewer Replacement

Through June, watch for shoulder restrictions and construction crews on roads north of Eagle Point Road for sewer lining. Project complete: May. Project investment: $767,000.

Rossford: Lead Service Line Replacement

Through June, crews will be replacing lead service lines throughout Rossford and western Northwood. Project investment: $900,000.