Newsletter – October 2018

Regional Water Update

Discussions continue in the Toledo water region with several parties who are affected. These talks range from a variety of options with various regional political subdivisions to renew talks with the city of Toledo.

Toledo's City Council approved changing its charter to allow for a water commission to be formed. This commission would have some input on water rates and capital improvements. The change will have to be approved by Toledo voters in the upcoming November elections. As far as the other water options, talks continue and they are getting attention.

This is good! The more facts and figures we can gather on costs related to the various options for long-term water sources, the better decision our Board will be able to make. As a player in these talks, we must be involved with the other stakeholders to make the best decision for the region.

Think Winter

As you take on your outdoor fall projects, it's time to think about protecting your pipes from Northwest Ohio's winter cold. One simple step to keep your pipes from bursting is to use faucet protectors on your outdoor spigots. They are easy to use and with a $3.00 price point, they are affordable.

Mccomb Update

The District will break ground this month to celebrate a major milestone in clean water for the Village of McComb. This fall, construction is scheduled to begin on the replacement of the over seventy-year-old wastewater treatment plant.

According to District Engineer Tom Stalter, " This project will significantly improve the sewer infrastructure of McComb and reach the compliance standards mandated by EPA." The $6.6 million projects is expected to be complete by the summer of 2020.


District Board of Trustees Meetings is held on the second & fourth Thursday of every month at 7:30 a.m. Board meetings are open to the public.

  • Our office will be closed on Monday, November 12 for Veterans Day & on Thursday, November 22 & Friday, November 23 for Thanksgiving.

Construction Corner

Perrysburg Township-Sanitary Sewer Improvements

Through November, short-term intermittent lane restrictions are possible throughout Perrysburg Township, north of SR 795, for sewer work and manhole repair.

Perrysburg Township & Rossford Waterline Replacement

Through October, intermittent lane restrictions are possible on Vineyard & Groce Streets and on Riverbend Court & White Road for waterline work.

Rossford-Lead Service Line Replacement

Through December intermittent lane restrictions are possible in Rossford for waterline replacement.

Weston Waterline Replacement

Through May 2019, intermittent lane restrictions are possible in Weston for waterline replacement.

Regional Water: Continued

Will our decision be solely based on rates? NO, it's not just rates and costs today, but those over the next 20-30 years. There should also be some administrative input and contract language that supports review and input into long-term capital decisions. Stay tuned for more updates. Always watch my BLOG for further discussion and updates on this topic!
Jerry Greiner, District President

Auditor of State Award

Auditor of State AwardA recent financial audit of The District by the Auditor of State's office has returned a clean audit report. The District's excellent record keeping has earned it the Auditor of State Award with Distinction.

"Our mission states we are committed to sound financial management. This is a great way of showing our customers that our team is fiscally responsible for the clean, safe water we deliver and treat," District President, Jerry Greiner said.

This Auditor of State Award is presented to local governments and school districts upon the completion of a clean financial audit.