Newsletter – September 2018

Plumbing Talk: Expansion Tanks

One question we get often at The District is " do I need an expansion tank?" Throughout Wood County, water pressure varies within our system from Perrysburg Township to Bloomdale. The District system, as a public water system, maintains pressure differently than household plumbing because we need to transport water to homes and keep water flowing to fire hydrants on demand.

If we do a waterline project near your home or business, you may receive letters regarding expansion tanks. The changes we make to our system may impact what goes on in your home. Because each home plumbing system is different, and we are not responsible for plumbing inside the home, we recommend you discuss your needs with a certified plumber.

Reappointed to The District Board

Doug MillerThe Wood County Commissioners have reappointed Doug Miller to serve another three-year term on The District Board of Trustees. Doug has served on the Board for three years. The appointment process continues for the two board members appointed by municipal (Mark Sheffer) and township (Steve Arnold) members.

Rate Studying the Works

One of the largest issues facing the water/sewer industry in the nation & locally is how households will pay for the increasing costs of water and sewer systems. A National survey shows water rates increasing in 30 U.S. cities. That's why The District will be studying our rates. We are currently seeking an outside consultant to investigate the possibility of a customer assistance program and to look into an equal rate for all customers, including residential, multi-family, business, and industrial.


District Board of Trustees Meetings is held on the second and fourth Thursday of every month at 7:30 a.m. Board meetings are open to the public.

  • Our office will be closed on Monday, October 8th to observe Columbus Day.

Construction Corner

Millbury-SanitarySewer Improvements

Through September, intermittent lane restrictions are possible in the Village of Millbury for sewer work and manhole repair.

PerrysburgTownship-Rockledge Subdivision

Through September, intermittent lane restrictions are possible in the Rockledge subdivision for waterline installation. Local access will be maintained.

Perrysburg Township-Sanitary Sewer Improvements

Through November, short-term intermittent lane restrictions are possible throughout Perrysburg Township, north of SR 795, for sewer work and manhole repair.

Perrysburg Township & Rossford Waterline Replacement

Through October, intermittent lane restrictions are possible on Vineyard & Groce Streets and on Riverbend Court & White Road for waterline work

Rate Study: Continued

The rate study will also consider inflation and other possible future increases facing water and sewer utilities. It will provide a ten-year plan for future water and sewer rates.

According to District President Jerry Greiner, "Affordability, aging infrastructure, and increasing regulations are all challenges for any water & sewer utility; that is why we are looking at our entire rate system, to see if we can assist lower-income users or help large consumers control their costs." We estimate the review of our current rate and billing structure will be complete by the fall of 2019.

Accurate Assets

Our high-tech video sewer truck now has new technology to mark our assets with pinpoint accuracy. A new GPS unit pairs directly with their iPads to collect real-time, high-accuracy positional data while they do their sewer survey work.

This not only allows for quick collection of new tap, lateral, and cleanout locations, but it also lets our Geographic Information System (GIS) editors improve the positional accuracy of existing sewer mains in GIS.

Originally located with sub-meter accuracy 15 years ago, sewer asset locations can now be corrected to within 2" to 6" accuracy. In the end, this helps us locate our assets with great efficiency, saving time and keeping our operating costs lower.