Perrysburg Sewer Improvement Project

Bowling Green, Ohio

The Northwestern Water and Sewer District (The District) announces the following update to the Perrysburg Sewer Rehabilitation project.

Perrysburg: Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Effective Wednesday, December 1, from 8 a. until 5 pm, crews will conduct a test dig along on the northwest corner of the intersection of Indiana Avenue and West Boundary Street.  Work may impact the multi-use pedestrian path, but will not impact traffic.  Through December, manhole work is possible along Indiana Avenue.  This work will not impact traffic at this time.  Work on the project impacting traffic on southbound West Boundary Street between Front Street and West Sixth Street, and the closure of Indiana Avenue between West Boundary Street and North Ridge Drive will be announced.   Project complete: January.  Project investment: $747,000.