This spring and summer, we’ve seen our share of dry periods mixed with weather systems that have caused heavy rain.  Following last weekend’s storms, area rainfall totals have bumped to near normal.

My father farmed all of his life after he returned home from the Korean Conflict in 1944. Rain was an integral part of his farming effort, and it found its way into our everyday conversations. We had no control over whether it rained or not, but we talked about it for 50 years of my life.

I still have those same conversations today at work with our field supervisors. Did it rain in your area? How much? What is the chance for more? When? All of those same questions.

Why? The need for rain, for water in our lives, drives everyday affairs here at The District. The demand affects our usage, revenue, and to a degree, our experience.

But we deliver a product 24/7, seven days a week here and our team is here, rain or shine!

Jerry Greiner