The District Supports The Clean Water Fair Pricing Act

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
For Immediate Release

The Northwestern Water & Sewer District Supports
HB 602 – The Clean Water Fair Pricing Act

Bowling Green, Ohio

Proposed legislation at the Ohio Statehouse is receiving an immediate endorsement from The Northwestern Water and Sewer District (The District).

This legislation, House Bill 602 – The Clean Water Fair Pricing Act, seeks to curb and penalize municipalities that add rate surcharges when they sell water and/or sanitary sewer service to users outside of their corporate boundaries. “Residents of surrounding townships and other communities who buy these services have no choice but to pay these higher costs,” says District President Jerry Greiner.

District customers pay these additional costs, which enable the seller (the municipality providing water or sewer service) to underwrite lower rates for their internal customers. According to Greiner, “It’s an unfair practice, and it’s used throughout the state.”

“State tax dollars, paid by all taxpayers, may have been used by the host city to build excess water or sewer capacity, and some of those same taxpayers are paying again through higher utility costs charged to users living outside the city limits,” Greiner explains.

Testimony in support of the act has already been provided by the Ohio Township Authority (OTA) last month, it is reported, with more supporting testimony to follow.

“We think this legislation is appropriate and timely as the region considers long-term water options. Higher water and sewer bills for external customers are not necessary should this legislation be approved,” Greiner concludes.
Click here to download HB 602.